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diseño paginas web Las Palmas

diseño paginas web Las Palmas. Hoy en día hay miles y miles de páginas web indexadas en Google que quizá son del área de tu negocio, hay que destacar y tener presencia en los buscadores, cómo? con un diseño web optimizado y funcional, y por supuesto utilizar el mejor contenido y marketing on-line para destacar sobre otros sitios web.

No somos la típica compañía de diseño paginas web Las Palmas que elabora sitios web como churros y en la que los compradores son un número más. Los requisitos del sitio web que requere tu empresa son únicos. En CITIFACE, como agencia experta en diseño paginas web Las Palmas, nos tomamos el tiempo necesario para entender tu negocio: desde tu marca y tus productos hasta cómo se comportan tus compradores.

El universo del diseño paginas web Las Palmas está viviendo su mejor momento. Somos una entidad dedicada al diseño paginas web Las Palmas, especializados en diseño paginas web Las Palmas para empresas y particulares. Realizamos todo tipo de proyectos ecommerce y página informativa completamente personalizados con un diseño web maravilloso y optimizado para todas las plataformas y gadgets, usando siempre las últimas tecnologías y con más de 14 años de experiencia en el sector. Nuestro propósito de diseño paginas web Las Palmas es elaborar una página web creativa, clara y efectiva. Tu negocio, tu sitio web.

El futuro del comercio está on-line. Pon tus obras en Internet y comercia 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana de forma continua. comenza nuevas maneras de transacción, totalmente compatibles con las tradicionales, y acercarte a clientes que de otra forma no sería viable.

Nuestro equipo de diseño paginas web Las Palmas son especialistas en nuevas tecnologí­as, y ellos te recomendarán de cuál es la mejor manera. En cualquier proyecto que emprendemos el meta principal siempre es la satisfacción del consumidor, por ello desde el arranque estamos en comunicación continua, consiguiendo de esta forma que la página web quede totalmente a tu gusto.

Una web es un gran primer paso de muchos. Para que tu web sea rentable debe tener visitas. Queremos mostrarle más detalles sobre nuestro servicio especializado de diseño paginas web Las Palmas. Analizamos el punto de partida de cada cliente y fijamos un objetivo final. Cualquier página web, tienda on line, blog plataforma de formación que despegue en Internet tiene que tener un objetivo final. Nuestra finalidad es ayudarte y aconsejarte a obtener resultados medibles y rentables para tu proyecto. Nuestra tarea es diseñar y desarrollar un sitio web a medida que te ayude a obtener beneficios y alcances las expectativas deseadas.

Optimize your website




You're not going to sell anything if Google and humans hate your website. First we must fix it or create a new one.

If that is your case, use the contact form to explain your project and then keep on reading...

Selling seriously




You could light a candle to pray to the traffic gods,  because you're going to need a lot of traffic... we mean lots and lots of it.

But you're lucky, because that's what we do!

Refines and automates




We're in business to make money. We hope you will too ;) That's why we have to turn all that traffic into tangible cash.

Automate the process and repeat, repeat and repeaaaaaat!


Citiface is at the top of its game and there is no one in the world of today's technology who should not try to follow its advice. You can always count on them to meticulously design a solution that works, and is solid.
- Ivan Komskyy, Manager at SaM Solutions
Its constant search to research, adapt and apply innovative IT professional ideas demonstrates Citiface's ability to actively contribute to the success of any project. They have a high energy content from thinkers outside the box. An ambitious and aspirational company with a contagious enthusiasm for any project.
- Dr. Mark D. Yates
Anyone who works with citiface can attest to their efficient and effective communication, creative thinking, professional business insight and ethical conduct.
- Valentina Troni Brunen, Marketing Manager at Easyfit Club
It's about time I found an agency that knows what they're doing. Now I'm doing real business. It's worth every penny!
- María Teresa Pérez Moreno, COO at Ijendu



We recommend a passive strategy such as 360º SEO and one or all other active strategies such as 360º SMM, 360º CFM or 360º SEM-PPC. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

  • SEO 360º


  • €599


  • Number of optimized keywords up to 50 (with possibility of extension)
  • Web server and on page analysis and reporting
  • Search, analysis and selection of keywords
  • Predict the market share of the sector
  • Meta tags (title, description and og etc.)
  • Optimization of robots.txt
  • Configuration and registration of sitemap.xml
  • Search Engine Growth
  • Google My Business Optimization (Google Maps)
  • Optimization of the mobile version of the page (we propose changes to be made or hourly rates to apply)
  • Audit of the structure of the Google Analytics Configuration page with conversion tracking (hourly rate applied)
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Sitemap configuration of the page (we propose changes to be made or hourly rates to apply)
  • Page optimization (we propose changes to be made to the texts provided by the client in terms of content, titles, keywords and descriptions)
  • Audit of redirection links
  • Analysis of canonization and unification of domains (we propose changes to be made or hourly rates to be applied)
  • Writing of initial external SEO articles
  • Link and disavow analysis
  • Traffic report, ROI and goals (monthly)/span>
  • Optimisation and restructuring of internal links (we propose changes to be made or hourly rates to be applied)
  • Promotion of content through links (we propose changes to be made or hourly rates to be applied)
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Generation of external backlinks and generation of external contextual content inbound marketing (unlimited)
  • Local Seo if applicable
  • Monitoring of changes in competitive searches (monthly)
  • Monthly progressive optimization (1 year commitment)
  • Indexing and tracking control
  • INTERNATIONAL SEO: Each language is considered as a different package
  • SMM 360º
  • €699


  • Get more followers and likes (very good for brand and SEO)
  • Management and response to followers
  • Create and manage all the different accounts you need on each network (up to 4 in total)
  • Discover the ways in which people mention or talk about specific keywords and join the conversation
  • Comment on blogs, forums, chat, reply and send private messages quickly
  • Publication planning
  • Design and publishing content
  • Management of campaigns (Ads) on Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn (5% of the investment)
  • Evaluation and monthly report
  • CFM 360º
  • €399


  • Place your message directly in front of your potential customer without buying ads and without SEO
  • Contact 1,000's of potential customers
  • Analysis of your industry to identify potential customers
  • Geolocation by language or country
  • Writing the message to be sent
  • Creation and optimization of landing (we propose changes to be made or hourly rates apply)
  • Evaluation and Monthly Report
  • SEM-PPC 360º
  • €299


  • Writing of advertising campaign
  • Strategic offer management
  • Optimization of ad placement
  • Ongoing keyword development and adjustment
  • Performance proofing of the ad version
  • Individual Account Representative
  • Up to two personal consultations per month
  • Development and strategy of the initial campaign
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Designate special budgets by campaign type
  • PPC International/Multi-language campaign management (extra fee applies)
  • Multivariate testing and optimization on the landing page
  • Google analytics conversion tracking and synchronization with Adwords
  • Results are analyzed using Google Analytics reports to make strategic decisions
  • Text Ads
  • Creation of Image or Animated, rich media and video ads (extra fee applies)
  • Dynamic insertion of keywords in search ads
  • Google Display Network for Remarketing
  • Writing Remarketing Text Advertisements
  • Google Mobile Search. Special text ads for mobile phones.
  • Adwords Display campaign with graphic banner ads and text (extra fee applies)
  • Relevant Google Ads, Videos, Applications, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Google Finance
  • Minimum duration of the plan in months (3 months)

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